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What Is A VoIP Phone Number?

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol is in point of fact a method coupled with an assemblage of technologies to deliver voice communications or multimedia over the internet. The VoIP telephone numbers make use of the VoIP technologies to make and transmit a call over an IP network like Internet. In simpler terms, VoIP phone make use of the analog audio signal (similar to the one that is heard on the normal telephone) and transform them into digital signals which can be easily transmitted over Internet and make two individuals converse without any hassle.

The preeminent element of VoIP telephones are their aptitude of utilizing a standard internet connection for making free telephone calls around the world. The VoIP software aids the users in getting connected over free telephone calls and bypassing the telecommunication service providers and their charges entirely. Besides this, this interesting technology facilitate its users with diverse choices for making calls such as –

  • Computer-to-Computer Conventional and easiest way to make phone-calls via internet is from a computer to another one. It is the best and foolproof method wherein the user requires a VoIP software, microphone, sound card and internet connection o make free long distance telephone calls. However, this system needs a monthly subscription of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to avail the free of cost computer-to-computer telephone services.
  • Analog Telephone Adapter Well known as ADA, it is the most familiar and effortless device which is used connect an ordinary phone with the computer or internet for utilizing the VoIP. ADA is basically an analog-to-digital converter that takes advantage of an internet connection to transmit the data thereby enabling two parties to converse.
  • IP Phones Also known as Wi-fi phones, these telephones are externally similar to an traditional telephones with a receiver, cradle and buttons but internally provided with an Ethernet connected. These wi-fi phones can be easily and directly connected to the modem with every other facility onboard to make calls from any available wi-fi hotspot.

Although the technology is still in its nascent stage in many emerging countries and majority of the people around the world are unaware about it, still it proffers revolutionary potential for telephone systems to be reworked upon.


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