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Interactive Voice Response is automated or smart telephonic system that is devised to interact with the callers in human voice along with the touch keypad function in order to retract information and accordingly segment the call to transfer it to the concerned person.

The IVR systems came into existence in 1970s but considered highly expensive and way too complicated to be used in the call centres. However, in the late 90s with companies migrating to multimedia, IVR systems became part and parcel of call centres for queuing and routing calls to gather valuable information. By 2000, the system became more familiar and cheaper to install. The system is used not only to categorize and segment the calls but also prepare a database of log calls, its details for audits, performance reports, and potential augmentation in the technology.

It is a dynamic and most efficient way to manage calls, segment them and further direct the callers to their desired end. This IVR technology is utilized in several sectors such as IT & mobile technology, banking services, online shopping services, retail orders, travel information, weather conditions, technical support and many more to handle large volume of inbound as well as outbound calls. It proved to be a great and cost-effective solution in service the increasing inbound calls and improve customer experience.

Vault Technologies provide its clients and customers with the best IVR systems along with 24X7 customer support to ensure improved customer experience.


VAULT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is an internationally acclaimed name in the premium telephonic services providers around the globe. The company has established itself as one of the leading players for facilitating organizations..


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