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Premium Rate Numbers

Premium Rate Numbers?

For facilitating a company or business to charge its customers for the inbound calls related to assorted queries, Premium Rate Numbers were invented. These numbers being non-geographical in nature let the companies to extend their value-added services to diverse customers across the country and globe.

The services of Premium Rate Numbers are usually availed by Companies, Government agencies or institutions to establish a contact with the customers. Broad spectrum services are provided on these Premium Rate Numbers, including technical queries, information related to specific products or services, order placement, complaints filing and so on. These Premium Rate Numbers are a savior for the companies, Government agencies and institutions in terms of streamlining the call processes. Instead of over-staffing, these Premium Rate Numbers smooth the progress of businesses with smart telephone systems that respond to customer calls, delineate their reasons of calling and accordingly route them directly to the desired line or dedicated executive. This way companies not just save their precious time and financial resources but also improve the customer experience.

Premium Rate Numbers are charged on the higher side in comparison to other telephone numbers. Nevertheless, it also endows businesses with an astounding opportunity of micro-funding as the total bill amount of one call is split between the telecommunication provider and the service provider. It is the best and most sought after alternative for generating revenue over the technical or promotional inbound calls as there is no other way of accounting cost to the customer care services.


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