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Domestic Premium Rate Numbers (DPRN) are the telephone numbers that are restricted to the country of origin and have access to the all the inbound calls within that particular country. For instance, an Indian domestic premium rate number cannot be accessed and reached via a US domestic premium rate numbers.

The calls on and from these numbers are charged on the higher side in comparison to the normal telephone call charges and thus offer a micro but good source of revenue for the customer care service providers. Being charged on the higher side, the cost of total calls is split into two parts on the basis of an already decided per centage between the telephonic company and the service provider.

Majority of the companies around the world make use of domestic premium rate numbers not only for generating additional revenue but also to successfully reach out to their customers and improve their customer experiences. Besides this, the smart phone system further adds on the company’s progressive growth by identifying the callers and accordingly segments them to route the same to the concerned person.

At present, Vault Technologie is offering domestic premium rate numbers from around the world .


VAULT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is an internationally acclaimed name in the premium telephonic services providers around the globe. The company has established itself as one of the leading players for facilitating organizations..


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