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We provide Premium Rate Numbers with multiple benefits!

Be the leader of your industry use Premium Rate numbers for your benefit, draw traffic on your phone lines and mint money while improving your customer experience.

International Premium Rate Numbers

Audio Text Services

Audio Text services are specific telephonic services which are available and accessible on both fixed & mobile phones and are charged on per-call or per-minute basis.The services facilitate the callers to listen to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to go through the menus.
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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is automated or smart telephonic system that is devised to interact with the callers in human voice along with the touch keypad function in order to retract information and accordingly segment the call to transfer it to the concerned person.
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SIP Routing Services

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a common marketing term used for Voice over Internet Protocol for signaling and moderating the multi-media communication sessions such as voice calla, video calls and instant messaging. It was designed with the idea of supporting latest .
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How would you like to get started?

Apply for a premium rate number and set it up in the office to benefit from the effortless identification and segmentation of the inbound calls. In addition to this, these premium rate numbers offer an incredible and handy source of revenue generation by charging the callers for all the customer services provided over phone.

How it works

By making available a premium rate numbers and its services, you become a content provider in terms of all the technical, promotional, general and complaint related queries of customers. The best part of getting a premium rate number is its feature of enabling you to start charging the callers for all the services provided over the phone.
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Our Premium Service

We Provide International Premium Rate Numbers

For facilitating a company or business to charge its customers for the inbound calls related to assorted queries, Premium Rate Numbers were invented. These numbers being non-geographical in nature let the companies to extend their value-added services to diverse customers across the country and globe.

Our Features

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of highly experienced and well qualified professionals are committed to provide 24X7 customer support services to ensure smooth functioning for our clients.

Reliable Control Panel

Connect with the fastest growing business in the world. Telecom is a good opportunity to everyone who want to make money online.

Fast, Secure Payouts

On the basis of the clients’ chosen payment mode, we make sure that all our clients receive their payments on time. We make use of online wire transactions to ensure fast and secure payouts.

Best Rates in The Business

When joining hands with Vault Technologie, we assured that you are provided with the best of rates in the industry along with best in class services and technologies.

Hosted IVR and SIP Redirected

We have our own IVR and SIP redirect servers to aid our clients in generating responses and directing them all to the concerned end-point.

Reseller Program

With our reseller programs, we enable our clients to offer a holistic e-commerce solutions and services to their respective customers and improve their customer experiences to great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of premium rate numbers apart from micro-funding?
Premium Rate Numbers allow the companies to manage their staff efficiently. Instead of over-staffing, these Premium Rate Numbers smooth the progress of businesses with smart telephone systems that respond to customer calls, delineate their reasons of calling and accordingly route them directly to the desired line or dedicated executive. This way companies not just save their precious time and financial resources but also improve the customer experience.
How can I get in touch with Vault Technologies in case of any support requirement?
We offer 24X7 customer support services for our clients to ensure that they get assistance as and when required for any kind of services related to premium rate numbers. Our customer support executives are just a call away. You can refer to our Contact Us page to get in touch with us at any time.
What is the difference between domestic premium rate numbers and international premium rate numbers?
A Domestic Premium Rate number is a telephone number which is constrained to its place of origin and provide access to all the domestic numbers within that particular nation. For instance, the domestic premium number of India gives access to all the states and cities of the nation. While the International Premium Rate numbers aid the companies in broadening their reach and scope of customer base across the globe. These International Premium Rate number services are provided in the live chats, recorded chats, informational, educational and conferencing services, dating services and so on.
What is Premium Rate Numbers?

Premium Rate Numbers are similar to normal telephone numbers but are charged on the higher side to facilitate a company or business to charge its customers for the inbound calls related to assorted queries, which includes technical queries, information related to specific products or services, order placement, complaints filing and so on.

How long does it take to start generating revenue?

The premium rate numbers start generating revenue with their first call itself as the total bill amount of one call is split between the telecommunication provider and the service provider i.e. you. International Premium Rate numbers get paid on weekly basis; however for the domestic premium rate numbers, payment terms may differ on the basis of the country from 30 days to 60 days and even 90 days at times.

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